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Building Science for New Homes - Mar 26 & 27, 2020

Course Name: Building Science for New Homes

Course Dates: Mar 26 & 27, 2020

Deadline to register online: Feb 16, 2020 (we need to allow time for the textbook to ship + students to be able to review the textbook + confirm our minimum numbers).

Time: 830am - 430pm each day

Location: Crystal Lodge Whistler 4154 Village Green, Whistler, BC V8E 1H1 604-932-2221

Instructor: As requested, the instructor is Luke Dolan from Capital Home Energy.

Format: a textbook (CHBA Builders Manual) is sent out once students have enrolled in the course. Students are expected to complete a self review of the textbook, and then attend a 2 day course. The 2 day course includes 1.5 days of instructional time/review, and followed by an open book multiple choice exam at the end of day 2.

CPD Points: 24 CPD Points can be earned with successful completion of the course.

Course fee: $899 + GST

There is a 25% discount off the course fee for all CHBA members.

To receive this discount, students should set up a new student account first at Once they create their student account, they should send an email directly to (so that we can verify it as a member account and tag it as a staff member of the member company, and provide the students with a discount code). This is for new student accounts. If there are staff who have previously taken courses, they can proceed with the regular way of enrolling without emailing us first, and using the discount code CHBA2020.

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